Mio Posto (Restaurant)

Je ne poste généralement pas d’idées de sorties, conseils sur les expos etc à visiter (je pense avoir déjà suffisamment de rubriques pour le moment haha), mais je souhaitais parler de ce restaurant que j’ai adoré : Mio Posto. C’est un excellent restaurant italien situé près de Bastille (plus précisément : 24 Rue Keller 75011 Paris), que je conseille donc vivement !
Très bonne nourriture (autant les pizzas et que les desserts étaient parfaits) avec beaucoup de choix végétariens, et le personnel est fort sympathique. L’ambiance est agréable, et j’ai eu l’occasion de remarquer qu’ils se mettent tous ensemble pour vous mettre à l’honneur si c’est votre anniversaire 😉 Il y en a eu 3 le soir où j’y étais, atmosphère plutôt festive donc !
PS : comme vous pouvez le constater avec la photo du chien, pas de discrimination faite à l’entrée, ce qui n’est pas le cas partout 🙂

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I usually do not post ideas about things to do, advice on which exhibitions etc to go to (I guess there are already enough sections on this blog haha), but I wanted to talk about this restaurant I loved : Mio Posto. It’s a very good Italian restaurant located near Bastille (more precisely :  24 Rue Keller 75011 Paris), that I really recommend ! However if you are reading this in English you might not live in Paris and indeed you might not come here in order to enjoy Italian cuisine, but I swear Italian food is better than French so it’s worth it ! (Well ok this is just a personal opinion)
The food is excellent (the pizzas as well as the desserts were perfect) and there are many vegetarian options, and  also the staff is very friendly. The atmosphere is pleasant, and I had the opportunity to witness what happens if it’s your birthday 😉 The staff all come to honor you in their own (Italian) way ; there were 3 birthdays the evening I was there, so the atmosphere was particularly festive !
PS : as you can notice with the picture of the dog, there is no discrimination at the entry, which is not the case everywhere 🙂


London, April 2017

I have been to London several times since I’m very young, so it kind of feels home to me and not like a random holiday place. However the city is so huge that I haven’t seen everything yet, plus it never stops transforming !

There is a place I go to each time I’m in London : Camden Town. It’s always too crowded but apart from that I love the lively atmosphere there and the street food market (near Camden Lock) in particular. It’s fantastic to have access to food from all over the world, all gathered in the same place. This time I tried venezuelan “arepa” (a sort of corn bread filled with avocado, beans, tomatoes, onions,..) and I absolutely loved it. Looking forwards to try it when I go to Venezuela 🙂

I then strolled at the canal’s edge, which is a calm and lovely place. Quite close to Regent’s Park, there are stunning houses ; of course, I had already seen beautiful houses in London but these were actual palaces, huge mansions in the heart of the city. I guess that knowing their price would cause a heart attack haha.
I also went on top of Primrose hill, which I had never heard of before ; it’s a perfect place to enjoy a view of the city and of course it’s particularly nice with the sunset.

What’s more, I went to Richmond Park and found it marvellous. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park etc are huge and look like pieces of countryside but Richmond is way bigger and really is in the countryside ! I was delighted to be lucky enough to meet a group of deers, I had never been so close to these animals ; they are sooo sweet and I loved the fact that they are free and happy there – zoos as for them are hell, they should have stopped existing a long time ago.

I had always wanted to visit Hampton Court Palace (palaces/castles and some figures like Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn are part of what I love in history) and this time I did ! For personal reasons, this visit made a strong impression on me but I think it’s something to see once in a lifetime anyway. It is not as somptuous as Versailles (which palace is as somptuous as Versailles anyway ?) but there is something very special that comes out of it (I guess it would be even more special at night, no doubt it is haunted 😉 )

Oh and something very important happened, I got to eat a Kinder Bueno calzone. London is perfect for original and unexpected things (food, architecture, and even people ! There was that man who was singing Bob Marley and wearing socks with cannabis leaf patterns; I guess every detail is important)

To make a long story short, I’d say that it’s never possible to get bored in London ; there are always surprises awaiting ! 🙂

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Bon, pas de version française pour cette fois, j’ai commencé puis j’ai trouvé que cela paraissait plutôt inintéressant en français (Bien que ce soit pourtant plus logique d’écrire dans sa langue natale… ) Est-ce vraiment possible d’être plus intéressant dans une langue que dans une autre ou c’est moi qui divague ? 😉
Bref, je suppose que quasi tout le monde comprend l’anglais mais au cas où, il y a de toutes façons les photos qui sont sûrement plus parlantes que le texte ! (surtout pour constater à quel point les cerfs (biches? ou autre ?) sont adorables)