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In English class last year, we were asked to write an editorial. We weren’t given any rules or specific topics, I guess the point was just to see how we express our opinions. I chose to write about veganism, which is an important topic to me so I thought I’d share it.

The article doesn’t include exact data (detailed percentages etc) – it’s just something I wrote quickly- and I don’t necessarily intend to write about veganism on this blog (I have kind of given up the idea of making people think about all this…), even if there are and will be a few things about it ! 🙂

Oh et je ne l’ai pas mis en français, car ce n’est pas un sujet qui passionne grand-monde et j’aurais la flemme de traduire pour rien… mais bon en cas de demandes, je le ferai 😉



By the Editorial Board – 22 March 2016

People tend to see their food as mere food, as inanimate elements whose only purpose is to please them. Has this piece of chicken really always been a lifeless thing ? And what about that slice of meat in the hamburger ? And the fish in the sushis ? A more relevant way of looking at things would be to consider where they come from. The chicken, as well as the cow, the salmon, the goat, or any other sentient being*, just wants to live and enjoy his or her life.

Indeed, all living beings have the right to live, and by saying all, it means not only humans. This species like to think that it is the most important on Earth, that its rights are unlimited and that it is above all the others. Humans are so selfish they think everything belongs to them and that they can just do whatever they want. This way of thinking is clearly nonsense. Without nature and animals, humans wouldn’t survive. Each plant, each insect and each animal has a role on Earth, a precise role that enables a good harmony all around the planet. However, what is the role of humans ? A role of polluting ? Of destroying ? Of killing ? Animals and nature, as for them, would live perfectly – if not better – in the absence of human beings.

Some people are not aware (demonstration here) that they are eating a being that once had a soul, a family and surely a natural appetite for life. Others just don’t care. The latter’s level of compassion is not important enough to admit that animals are not there to be exploited and eaten. How can someone be so cruel ? Actually, most people couldn’t kill an animal themselves, because « it’s horrible to see an animal suffering ». Yes, it is and it does not diminish the suffering if someone else does it. Buying meat or fish is supporting the idea that animals are inferior, that they do not have rights, and that someone’s own pleasure is more important than someone else’s life.

What most people ignore is that humans have no need to eat animals. Human bodies are not meant to be cemeteries. Lions’ bodies, with their very short bowel, are constituted so as to eat flesh ; they are definitely carnivorous. Humans are not. (Have a look at comparative anatomy for more details) Therefore, what’s the point in eating an animal that has eaten plants (and food supplements) to get proteins, when it’s possible to eat the plants (and the food supplements, if needed) directly ? No intermediary is necessary.

Now let’s get to the products that come from animals. What can possibly be the problem with eggs and milk ? These past few years, awareness has risen and more and more people are becoming vegan ; there are strong reasons for that. Veganism is a way of life that rejects all products that come from the exploitation of animals, in every way. So it also means refusing to wear leather and fur for example.

In the egg industry, male chickens are not needed. Indeed, they do not produce eggs. So what’s done with them ? Will they be kept and fed for free and live happily ever after ? It is not really like that. Male chickens are killed soon after their birth. Sometimes they are crushed, sometimes smothered by being put alive in plastic bags and thrown away. Concerning female chickens, they are so privileged they will have the right to live in tiny and dirty cages where they can’t even spread their wings, and they will spend their whole lives laying, their eggs always stolen from them. When they will start producing fewer eggs, they will be killed and eaten as they will not be profitable anymore.

Now what about milk ? In order to produce milk, a cow needs to give birth. So as to have pregnant cows, the animals are raped : the common expression used for that is “artificial insemination”. Then, when the cow gives birth, as it has been decided that the milk will be for humans, her baby is stolen from her and most of the time killed for its meat. In addition to these horrible practices, let’s take into account the fact that humans drinking milk from cows makes as much sense as humans drinking milk from dogs or giraffes. (PETA made this funny video about it) Why on Earth would humans need proteins that have the property of making a baby cow grow ? Cows’ milk is for calves.

The most pertinent and clever thing for everyone to do would be to become vegan, for all the reasons concerning ethic, morals, health, and environment.

“sentient being”, and not just “living being” because there’s an obvious difference between plants and animals. Not that it’s cool to kill plants – personally, I wouldn’t pick a flower for “fun” for example – but the absence of a nervous system changes it all. Why am I saying all this ? Because there are many (yes, many) people who are not ashamed of saying “What about plants ? You murder plants !” ( = «I’m feeling quite uncomfortable right now so I’m saying whatever crosses my mind even if it’s not valid»), thinking it’s an awesome and revolutionary argument 😉